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Oh, it was hot on the backside. 91 degrees at the bottom, so this seems like a good training ride for the 508.

Mt Diablo Heat Training

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I was out on Mt Diablo today, doing some good heat training. After Tina’s excellent week of training (over 200 miles and 16 hours), I have some catching up to do. Mt Diablo is excellent training for the heat and the climb is very much like a lot of the hills I’ll see, esp. Townes Pass. Morgan Territory was hot, even in the shade. Only four weeks to go, and I’m feeling good.

The Team meets Super Tabby

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Team Super Tabby got to meet the actual, the one-and-only, the magnificent, yes, it’s Super Tabby.

Team Super Tabby

Training on Mt. Diablo

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Team Super Tabby went to Mt. Diablo for some heat training. Crew Captain Mike joined Lyresa and Tina for a planned 100 mile ride. For their part, Lyresa and Tina did great, but Mike conked out after Morgan Territory due to a lack of condition, plus it was roasting hot in the east bay. Lyresa continued on to finish the 100 miles, while Tina and Mike turned back to Danville and finished with about 65 miles.

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508 Weather

Santa Clarita
48.0° F
Updated:02:38 PST 
48.2° F
Updated:02:35 PST 
Stovepipe Wells
53.1° F
Updated:02:10 PST 
Furnace Creek
57.4° F
Updated:00:00 PST 
48.3° F
Updated:01:00 PST 
Twenty Nine Palms
48.2° F
Updated:01:55 PST 

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